Celebrating Filipino and Filipino-American Talent

About Cinematografo, the Festival, and ABS-CBN International


The Annual Cinematografo International Film Festival is a film exhibition series designed to elevate and showcase emerging Filipino and Filipino-American talent in producing films and television content to the world stage. Cinematografo, guided by their mission to bring the homegrown potential to the global scene, aims to foster, nurture and inspire filmmakers from the Filipino diaspora giving them full support in any way possible.


The festival is named after ‘Cinematografo’ — the first movie theater in the Philippines, that opened in August of 1897. From this grand establishment was born a rich heritage of celebrating films and the venue introduced Filipinos to the custom of going to the movies. The new film festival in San Francisco aims to continue this tradition wherever Filipinos may be, and intends to draw in a wider audience of Asian American and independent cinephiles and movie lovers across the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally.


ABS-CBN International was founded in the U.S. in April 1994. Based in Daly City, California (San Francisco Bay Area), its flagship product, The Filipino Channel (TFC), made it the first and most successful Filipino content distribution company in the U.S.. The company offers original Filipino content on cable, satellite, online audio and video streaming, IPTV, On Demand, live events, theatricals, retail, money remittance and cargo services, along with philanthropic support for Filipinos and the communities they call home.