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1:00 PM
Sat, Nov. 11, 2017

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While working to fulfill the traditional dowry imposed by his potential parents-in-law, an indigenous Aeta boy named Atan Dimaya (Garry Cabalic) encounters a beautiful student-researcher named Rain (Anna Luna), who he begins to fancy, when he ventures out of the mountains into the city. Rain is working on her thesis about life patterns of intermarried Aetas (commonly called “kulots” because of their curly hair) and the lowlanders (known as “unats” which refers to those with straight-hair). When Atan’s father reminds him that he needs to fulfill his promise of marriage with Ani (Joan dela Cruz), he starts to distance himself from Rain. After his no-show act at the night of their pre-wedding rituals, Atan sprints downhill from infatuation to the conflicting values of tradition and obligation. Endowed with breathtaking images of the Pinatubo mountain range and the surrounding desolate landscape, Zig Dulay’s film illustrates the sad plight of a minority group whose life opportunities are greatly marginalized by a modern, much more vulgar society.



Directed by:
Zig Madamba Dulay

Year released:

Running time:
98 minutes

Main cast:
Gary Cabalic
Joan Dela Cruz