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Yellow Rose

Showing Time:
All Shorts are shown in one screening
1:00 PM
Sun, Nov. 12, 2017

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Rose Garcia, a 15 yr old Filipino girl, dreams one day of being a country music star despite the ridicule of everyone around her. She lives alone with her mom who works as a maid in roadside hotel. One day Elliot the local record store kid invites her to a honky tonk to see one of her heroes Jimmy Redburn who has disappeared for the last ten years. When they return, Rose is shocked to find that her mother has been picked up by the immigration authorities. She leaves Rose a note to run and continue to follow her dreams here. Rose heartbroken but determined finds out about a visa that lets you stay in the country if you can prove you have extraordinary ability. She enlists to the help of washed up Jimmy, who is surprised that Rose does have some talent and that she wakes something up inside of him that has been dead for quite sometime.



Directed by:
Diane Paragas

Year released:

Running time:
21 minutes