The Minority As the New Majority


Filipinos are the second largest Asian-American community in the United States. Besides being one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the country, Filipinos were also the first Asian people to have arrived on American soil, in Morro Bay, California, back in 1587 during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade. One might imagine that because of its long history in the U.S. that Filipinos would have wider social and political influence in U.S. American culture. But hundreds of years on, Filipinos often still operate just beneath the surface, almost as an invisible minority. Whether it’s through occupational obligation or willing assimilation, Filipinos all over the world have quietly integrated into their respective new communities. But there has been an awakening and clamor for Filipino representation in film and TV. CIFF talks with influential Filipino-Americans and Asian Americans in the media industry to examine what brought about this resurgence and discuss the challenges and experiences of being a Filipino in media.

Event Time:
1:30 PM
Sat, Nov. 11, 2017

David Magdael
Francis Cullado
Reggie Lee
Alex Lee

Additional panelists to be announced

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