Why Cinematografo?

Like any other film festivals, coming up with a brand name that would represent our mission and vision is one of the most exciting aspects of our start-up journey.

As we shortlisted the options, we find it appropriate to look back into the history that all started the habit of watching films in the Philippines.

It all started from a simple passion.

In August 1897, a Spanish soldier, Antonio Ramos, ended his military service and decided to pursue his passion for film. He brought the first motion picture camera to the Philippines along with a catalogue of 30 film titles. He needed to find a structure to nestle his acquisition. After touring different places, he found a building that used to be a jewelry shop in Escolta, considered to be one of the oldest financial districts in Manila. After a day of test run, it had its maiden film presentation on August 29, 1897 much to delight of the general public.

Hence, the birth of Cinematografo, the first movie theater in the Philippines.

It is from this historical perspective that we derive the name of the festival that aims to support passionate Filipino filmmakers in delivering their stories to the global audience and in highlighting pacesetters and changemakers in the industry.

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